Recovering From Brain And Spinal Injuries

Of all the injuries that someone can experience in an accident, brain and spinal injuries can be the most catastrophic. These injuries can cause a lifetime of consequences for not only yourself, but your loved ones as well. With so much at stake in these cases, it is vital that you rely on the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney to maximize your compensation.

I am Damon Richards, Attorney at Law. I have been serving clients throughout Texas and New Mexico for more than 40 years, and I have fought to pursue the ideal outcome in every case I have had. I know what is at stake in these cases, and I use that knowledge to secure the compensation you deserve.

What Your Case Is Worth

Each case I take is unique from any other, so there is no universal value each brain or spine injury claim will earn. However, I take the time to understand the individual costs you have experienced in your case, as well as determine the projected consequences of your injuries, to secure the compensation that accurately reflects costs such as:

  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Relocation or renovation costs to accommodate your injuries
  • Assistive devices
  • Wheelchair-accessible transportation
  • Physical and emotional therapy

I am not an attorney that can be bullied by larger firms into accepting lowball settlement offers. While negotiating for fair compensation is often the fastest method of fair resolving your claim, I am prepared to fight for you through litigation if negotiations cannot provide you with the settlement you deserve.

Let Me Handle The Hard Part

No one should have to juggle a personal injury claim with their health while recovering from their injuries. Instead, let me stand in your place through all the challenges of your injury claim. Call my offices at 575-680-1667 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.